Move the Brand

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Social video content is supposed to be the great equalizer. Because everybody can do it, right? Major agencies, major brands, down to your local coffee bar and dry cleaners. Anybody can make social video. The intern can shoot it on his phone. Problem is, not everybody can do it in a way that really moves your brand.

We can. And that matters.

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We’re good at content not because we’ve worked on a ton of social content for every kind of brand (big and small,) directly with brands, and partnering with their ad agencies (big and small.)  Not just because we have backgrounds in the agency world and understand how to speak to your audience. And not just because we make really good stuff.

(Though all of that is true.) Have a look.

We make great social content because we live it, and we’ve been doing it, literally, since YouTube was launched. And we’ve kept up, so we know how to do it right.  Right for mobile, for YouTube, for Facebook and Instagram, for Twitter, right for your site. Sixteen by nine, one to one, vertical, and whatever else gets coded into the ecosystem next week.  But more importantly, we know how to make video that’s right for your audience. We’re filmmakers. We know how to connect, emotionally, with viewers – no matter what device they’re on.

And that’s what really separates us from your intern and his phone.

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