Why Fried Okra?

Fried okra – the food – is simple, honest and authentic. We happen to think that’s a good approach to filmmaking, to business, and to life. Back in 2001, though, when we named the company “Fried Okra,” we did it because we like to eat fried okra.  Simple as that.  The metaphors, while completely legitimate, weren’t something we were thinking about at the time.

The “Entertainment” part of the name — well, we grew into that, too.  We put it there when we were thinking big thoughts about the entertainment and engagement value of entertaining advertising engaging consumers….or something like that.  The word,  “paradigm” may or may not have been used. The point is, entertainment is good.  Whether it’s entertaining advertising (which everybody likes better than the other kind) or entertaining entertainment.

We make films, shows, commercials, and web videos. We make things that have a positive message. We want something we make to have a positive impact on society. We make moving-image portraits of real people, who have real stories to tell. We make stuff with actors, too. We make stuff for kids, about kids, with kids in it — because we’re kids at heart. And of course, we make stuff for grownups. We make stuff kind of quirky. Because we’re a bit odd, ourselves. We’d like to make something for you.

We approach everything we do simply, honestly, and authentically.  Because…well, because that’s how we were raised. That’s how we believe it should be. And because a long time doing this has taught us that you’ll like it better that way. We hope you’ll give us a try.  Because we’re confident that if you do, you’ll be back for more.

About Us